Going a little insane

I am distracted – I took some time out from revising book 2 to experience a wonderful West Cork Literary festival, as a result, my mind is now leaping from one ‘to-do’ item on my list to another.

Which is the priority? – continue to review/revise book 2? write a witty and entertaining blog? put together some submissions to UK agents for book 1  – review/revise book 1 for said submissions? write something completely different to keep my mind fresh and imagination keen?…….all the while fitting it in around my part time job, family, and mundane obligations of running a house hold.

I imagine how wonderful it would be to do an ‘Emily Dickinson‘ on it (as learned about her this week at the festival)

She choose to  give it all up to be a full time writer  – I wonder could I too  and hoard my writing in a chest in my room, occasionally sending out the odd letter and poem to those closest and dearest…..alas, I am already married and do not have a father or brother who would willingly support me financially to do this full time – I think my husband and kids would be a tad upset  too.

And I don’t think I could hack the loneliness

straight jacket

Back to the ‘to-do’ list……



at least  I got to update my blog……



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