about K-Girls

‘K-Girl’  – by my definition is  a student or past pupil of Kylemore Abbey School, Connemara, Co. Galway.

Officially we were known as KAS, that is Kylemore Abbey Students, but I never took to that, shortening it one year to describe myself as a ‘K-Girl’ at a reunion luncheon in Galway, back in the early 90’s.  It was out of my mouth without thinking and then as soon as I had said it, I knew that would be the title for my book (that would take another 8 years to actually write!)

The secondary school closed in 2010 but in my opinion any student that spent time at Kylemore, from it’s foundation in 1923, gets to call themselves a K-Girl.  The Abbey remains an Educational Centre and home to the Benedectine nuns  – along with the Visitor and Tourist Centre.


K-Girls‘  is the book title of first fictionalised novel in the ‘Kylemore Abbey School’ series – an Irish boarding school adventure with a spirited twist.

While K-Girls is based on my own experiences at Kylemore, the book introduces  a fictional 12 year old,  Alice Stone,  who attends Kylemore and meets Ruth, a teen ghost there.  The two have a mysterious bond and as a result develop an unusual friendship.  Alice is the only mortal who can see and hear Ruth.

Ruth’s character is based on a real girl, Ruth Stoker, who did actually die at Kylemore at the age of 14 on December 18th, 1923.   (more on Ruth later)

Without giving too much away of the first book , ‘K-Girls’ explores life at boarding school, but also that of what life might have been like when Kylemore was a castle.  Using Ruth as a connection, the book explores Kylemore from the 1980’s into the past.

Book one ‘K-Girls’ introduces readers to the element of boarding school, friendships and the solves the mysterious connection between Ruth and Alice.  Book 2, ‘K-Girls Plus One’ (suggested title for now) the adventure continues as both Alice and Ruth take advantage of their connection and discover they can time travel (I use the term ‘Stepping’) into the late 1800’s and the days of when Kylemore Castle was owned by the much respected and locally loved, Mitchell Henry family.

I  have always enjoyed books,  and TV series/movies,  of adventure, mystery, time travel and to a certain extent,  ghosts – – it is my hope that K-Girls captures an essence of all of these that readers of all ages will also enjoy.

If asked ‘so what is your book like?’  I usually sum it up by  describing ‘K-Girls’ as Mallory Towers meets Downton Abbey with time travel, written for teens, (and then adding in a whisper ‘but adults are enjoying it too!).

I look forward to hearing your take on it.


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