Here’s to a new direction for 2018

It has been some time since I updated my blog – apologies for that.  Grief got in the way but I am pleased to report that I have some of my mo-jo back and am focusing once more on writing.

When my brother Ferg died,  in Feb 2016, I lost interest in creative fiction but did take up the pen to write a narrative memoir, ‘Overload’.  This was a whole new approach in a  different genre and writing style.  This new book, let’s just say, is an unusual one and may not be exactly a commercial fit.  It is experimental.   I hope it will find its way to the right publishing house.  With that goal in mind, I have submitted to some agents and am playing that awful waiting game….(watch this space)

In the mean time, the good news is that I have been given the go ahead by the community at Kylemore Abbey for  book 2 (‘K-Girls Plus One’) in my teen series, ‘K-Girls’  (I like to submit my drafts to the Community for review) and so once the copy-editing/proof reading is completed I will self-publish digitally in March/April.

In the mean time I thought I should give an update on a previous blog as I am delighted to report that I can now share proof that my the first in the series, ‘K-Girls’, did indeed reach its unusual destination.

How many authors can claim that their own book made it to the South Pole!

From here everything is looking up (get it?)


Sayer Houseal holding a copy of ‘K-Girls’ @ the South Pole – where every direction is North!

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