My New Normal

Has it really been December since I last wrote?  My brother died at the beginning of February and this did throw me a bit.

Let’s just say I have been somewhat discombobulated.


Fergus O ‘Farrell:  30th June 1967- 2nd February 2016

Artist, composer, musician – big brother


Since the death of Ferg, I have found that my writing juices are just not flowing in the same way.  Well,  that is not entirely true;  it is my creative writing juices that have not been flowing.

I did take up journaling again and have found this quite therapeutic.


In any case, I just wanted to try and reboot – start with updating a post.  If nothing else, I need to get myself back on the keyboard – life moves on.  Doesn’t it?

I think it is more about adjusting to a new normal.

My new normal.

calvin and hobbs


So I ask you to bear with me a while…….



4 thoughts on “My New Normal

  1. Loss does funny things. Edith Sommerville couldn’t write for years after Florence Martin died. Eventually automatic writing gave her the re-boot she needed. Not that I’m advocating you visit a medium. Just sayin’. Xx


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